The task was to create a functional product using cardboard only.


Icodoc is a docking station for mobile phones. The name Icodoc is a combination of icosahedron and docking. Icosahedron is the shape that the Icodoc is based on, and its spherical shape amplifies and softens the sound of your mobile phone. There is a small hole in the back of the Icodoc, through which a charger can be connected to the phone.

Facing the challenge of creating an object using cardboard only, I immediately thought of accessories for mobile phones. I made several sketches and prototypes, however nothing felt quite right. Soon the idea developed into a docking station that can amplify sound. An icosahedron is the closest to sphere, whilst still being stable enough to hold up the weight of a phone and stay put on a tabletop or bookshelf.

The Icodoc is functional whilst maintaining good aesthetics. The material used can be recycled, it is biodegradable, organic and production costs are extremely low. The docking station is compatible with most mobile phones on the market and requires no electricity or other installation.

The light material and the air pocket underneath the phone rest keeps the phone from overheating whilst in use.

January 19, 2017

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