I have been doing some digital drawing lately, just need to find my way around it all still. Anyway, below is a sketch i made for an assignment I had at university. I was asked why I made her look like shrek, and I don’t know, I just wanted her to look natural.


Kära Dagbok

Vad gör du?
Hur mår du?
Vad tänker du på?


Jag håller på med ett arbete om mental hälsa. Slutprodukten kommer att fungera som en lättnad eller tröst åt personer som känner och lider av de ständiga prestationskraven som vi upplever i vårt samhälle. Sociala medier är fyllda med snygga, lyckliga och produktiva personer. Dessa mänskor runtom oss fungerar som förebilder, och vi eftersträvar att vara som dem, trots att det ofta är en överdriven och romatiserad sida som visas upp.

Via länken nedan kan du skriva en kort eller lång text i oromantiserat dagboksformat. Texten får handla om vad som helst, allt från vardagliga till märkvärdiga och ovanliga händelser, tankar och noteringar. Jag är intresserad av allt, hur du ligger på soffan och petar dig i näsan, hur du hälsar på släkten eller om kaffepausen på jobbet. Texten skickas in under valfri signatur. Ditt bidrag kommer att översättas och eventuellt publiceras i broschyrformat och online, både på svenska och/eller engelska.

Tusen tack för ditt bidrag!

Vad gör du?
Hur mår du?
Vad tänker du på?

I am gathering material for a project I’m working on at the moment.

Papo y Yo

When I work I like to listen to this album, a soundtrack from an amazing computer game called Papo Y Yo. When working and studying, litening to game music is a good suggestion, as it is designed for the player to focus on the game, give a nice atmosphere whilst not distracting the listener.

Picture credit to Minority Media and the game Papo Y Yo.

Monthly Makers

After following the Swedish project Monthly Makers for quite a while now, I decided to make my own little contribution. The theme of this month is letters and words. I created a mandala in Illustrator using letters as the only element. The letters are forming the word systerskap (sisterhood). The typeface I used is Helvetica, as it is one of the most recognized typefaces out there, which makes it easier to read when tangled up in a mandala.

I colored two versions of the mandala, using Photoshop. It may have been more convenient using Illustrator, but as I navigate through Photoshop way faster than any other adobe software, I often choose it for convenience and to avoid getting stuck with tools I don’t master (yet).



Click here to download a PDF file with the Mandala.

If you download the Mandala I would be delighted to see how you colored it, drop a comment here or tag me on instagram @artby_sce 

Analog pt.2







School starts soon and I couldn’t be more excited to finally start on my bachelor’s degree in fine arts. I’m practicing drawing every day, I have started reading my course literature and gotten a new planner. Also it’s finally getting a bit cooler in the air. During the day the temperature is now constantly under 30 degrees (I know, its still hotter than summer in Finland), and evenings are now chilly enough for sweaters. How I have waited!

Analog pt 1



♦  5 years ago, I’d bring my camera everywhere. To school, movienight, going for a coffee, lunches, dinners, walks… Everywhere.

♦  I don’t do that anymore, why? Because I’m afraid of taking bad and mediocre photos. Why even bother taking a picture just for the sake of the moment if the light isn’t perfect, if the hair and clothes aren’t perfect and if there is a car or people in the background to ruin the composition or the feel in the photo.

♦  There was a year that I would still bring my camera out with me, but take less and less pictures because they wont turn out good anyway. So I stopped bringing my camera.

♦  Seeing my camera made me feel like “meh” and “umph”

♦  The few times I take photos I approve of, and actually bring them all the way into photoshop, you’ll see me tweaking it for hours, until I scrap it and think “meh, this photo will never become perfect”

♦  This is where analog photography comes in. I point, shoot on automatic mode, and take it to a shop to be developed. For a person like me this is frightening, not having a clue on how the picture will turn out, no possibilites to tweak, to make it a little more perfect, all of that is gone. And so what?

♦  This summer I’m challenging myself to loosen up. I’m trying to find that thing about photography I used to enjoy so much, and leave the performance anxiety behind.


I am going to make an attempt at quoting, or rather paraphrasing maybe, it was never my strong side. Anyway, Picasso once apparently said something like this sometime: When drawing a body, a face or any other part of the human (or animal), don’t get frustrated trying to draw both sides the same. Because they are not, the human body is not symmetrical.

Thus, I made an experiment, which by no means is new or original, but this is my experiment, with my body, and with my results.