5 photos taken under the theme “Colour”, Winter 2017


Watercolor pattern inspired by Finnish “Runebergs tårta” 2017

Album Cover

Album cover design for fictional band “Dungen”. “Dungen – Där dom gömmer sig” is Swedish for “The Grove – Where they are hiding” 2017


Sisterhood/Systerskap mandala, Autumn 2016

World Book Day

Digital sketch for World Book Day Illustration, autumn 2016.

Experimental Studio Practice

Selected works from experimental studio practice, autumn 2016. Using expressive traditional methods to portray a mundane subject matter, in this case a plastic water bottle.

Alice in Wonderland

Illustration and interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland excerpt when Alice meets the caterpillar. Winter 2017

Typeface Design

Typeface design task, spring 2016. Inspired by 1980’s sci-fi novel.


The task was to create a functional product using cardboard only.   Icodoc is a docking station for mobile phones. The name Icodoc is a combination of icosahedron…